Sanyu Trading Corporation


Since it's establishment in April, 1981 SANYU TRADING CORPORATION has been a premier importer of industrial electrical equipment, components, materials and technologies required in Japan primarily from Europe and the United States. SANYU has also been introducing Japan's sophisticated industrial technologies and related products in the international market.

Particular corporate emphasis has been on the introduction of insulation materials and related equipment to heavy-duty electical machinery producers in Japan through our close relation with foreign manufacturers.

We have been recognized as being able to sourcing excellent suppliers.
The followings are some examples of products, for which SANYU was the first to introduce in Japan and are now widely being used by Japanese industries (before that only few people in Japan had known even their existances themselves).

*Electrical Insulating Flexible Mica Papers of Cogebi,
*Chrome-free water soluble core plate varnish by Rembrandtin Lack,
*Hi-val pressboards by EHV Weidmann,
*Thermally Upgraded Presspapers by Whiteley Ltd.,
*Insulating Caps and Condenser Bushings by SSB Industries
*Compressed Laminated Wood Insulation Materials by Schmeing

After the burst of the bubble economy, Japan experience a severe depression, and importation of excellent products are acquiring an increasingly important role in Japan's attempt to make economic recovery.

Under these circumstances we will continue to provide the best products focused on the attainment of the ultimate goals of our customers.
We appreciate your continual support.

March, 2007
Sanyu Trading Corporation
Harukazu MORI, President

Corporate Policies

* To contribute to the growth of industries through accomplishing our commitment: Provision of the World's Finest Products.

* To develop our business in a creative way, forcusing on what users really want to obtain.

* To serve as a bridge for exchange of technological excellence between Japan and overseas.

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